Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Darra's Diary

Today I met a real live stick in the mud. I’ve met people before you I thought were sticks in the mud but this dwarf is definitely the biggest stick in the mud that I have ever met. Not even his shoes can redeem him. His only redeeming quality thus far is that he seems to have free passage amongst the creepy Hell Knights. This makes him a useful companion so I’ll keep him around for a while. Though he does keep going on and on about how he “freed” me from the creepy Hell Knights which is so not true. The only thing he did was wake me from my nap. The bars on that cage the creepy Hell Knights put me in were designed to keep much larger creatures than me locked up. I figured this meant that those bars would also keep the much larger creatures out so it seemed like a good time to take a wee nap while I waited for the perfect time to make my escape. Then the next thing I know there’s this dwarf kicking at the bars demanding to know my business. I told him the Hell knights put me in a cage because I was napping in the forest on the way to town to trade some pelts to get more money to find me some pretty pretty boots. The dwarf (forever hereafter known to one and all as Stick!) took his puffed up self over to the creepy Hell Knights engaged in some jibber jabber and came back with the keys. I decided that since he seemed to have some sort of alliance going on with the creepy Hell Knights I would hang out with his companions until we were at least a safe distance away from the creepy Hell Knights.

So excited to be going on an adventure! Puppy is too. He came bounding out of the bushes like the good little wolf that he is. I am going to make him a collar of daisies the next time we come across a patch.

I am so lucky that one of my new travelling companions is a priestess of Desna. She is an elf named Ash. Seems quite sensible in her outlook on life and footwear. We have had much fun together so far. I climbed a tree with Ash and she lifted me up over her head so that I could see better. She is so nice. I was able to spot the party of Orcs and ogres we were looking for.

But before all that happened we decided to go for a boat ride to go see this church. Puppy had to swim because Stick said there was no room in the boat. This is only because him and the other Dwarf, whom I was calling Spaz at this point, wear so much bulky armor that there was barely any room for me and the Halfling, Lem. Not to mention Ash. We also had to leave room for this ghostly guy to bail out the boat. I do enjoy a boat ride though.

We found the church with no problem because they had been there before. These guys seem to do a lot of that. Wandering in circles. Met two most interesting fellows at the church. Spaz seems to think they were a bit touched in the head but I thought I thought they were lots of fun. One of them, I think his name is John, told me about a creature named Old Snappy that lives in the river. Puppy will never swim in that river again! Over dinner I was able to get Stick and the others to agree to include me as an equal when it comes to paying me. Feeling a bit more comfortable staying with these guys.

After a good nights sleep, we went for another boat ride. This time Puppy got to ride in the boat. Kaz (formerly known as Spaz) had no problem with Puppy being in the boat. He seems like an alright sort, for a dwarf.

Then I led the party on a lovely walk through the woods to the old Orc camp. Didn’t spot any daisies to make Puppy his collar with yet. And we don’t seem to be getting any closer to a town where I can buy some new shoes. I did thoroughly impress everyone with my abilities to not get them lost in the woods. I gather from their chatter amongst themselves that they have been this way before. Apparently they spend a lot of time wandering in circles. It is good they have me now to show them how to get places.

We then went for a hike/swim through a bog to get to where this really big tree is that they are all obsessed with. Stick begrudgingly let Lem and I ride on his shield through the bog. When we got to where the tree used to be we found ourselves in a clearing full of those creepy Hell Knights. Not sure what the big deal is with this tree everyone seems preoccupied with. It can apparently teleport. That would be cool to see a tree do. Also Orcs seem to gather around it. I do not like Orcs! The clearing was pretty trampled due to the presence of the creepy Hell Knights but I was able to find where the tracks disappeared. Looks like they have 3 ogres with them too.

Another weird thing is this dwarven bard that keeps showing up and disappearing regularly. I’m going to have to be weary of him until I can figure out what he’s all about.

It is then decided that we will head towards the hot springs. It will be so nice to have a warm bath. This is where I climbed the tree with Ash. She’s so nice.

We’re going to rest here a bit before hitting the trail again. The plan seems to be to attack the group of Orcs and ogres. No real actual plan of attack has been made though. My plan will be to make use of my trusty crossbow (from a safe distance) and pick them off. Also to stay out of the way of Kaz’s big axe. Something tells me that once he starts swinging that thing the Orcs won’t last long.



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