Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Darra's Diary page 2

Today I discovered some creatures that I hope I never have to see again in my life! Puppy and I were leading the group through the woods (They would be so lost without me!) and I was out in front marking the trail for the others to follow. We cam into a clearing and their were these massive beasts. I tried to calm them but it seemed to have the opposite effect. We backed off to go warn the party that we were going to have to take a wide detour as I thought that if we gave them their space they would leave us be. I described them to Kaz and he seemed to have a bit of an idea of what they were but his explanation was interrupted by the beasts attack. They basically leapt out of the bushes onto the group. I was able to withdraw to a safe range and fired upon the male but caused it no damage. Stick was already unconscious on the ground (Lying on the ground like a stick – had a good chuckle about that later in the day). Ash appears to be bleeding out! Kaz is wounded but standing his ground. Puppy is waiting to make his move from where he is concealed in the bushes. I shoot the female attacking Stick and Puppy goes for the male attacking Kaz. Then out of nowhere Glin appears playing a tune so mournful that the beasts run off. He heals stick, Kaz and Ash. I am beginning to understand why the others place great value in this bard.

I finished leading our group through the forest to the tower and get my first look at the big invisible moving tree, only its no longer invisible and not moving so I have to say slightly disappointed. Lem warns me to not bring fire to close to the tree. If I do it will attack us. Part of me really wants to see a tree mount an attack. Never seen that before! But after the day we have had, it’s probably better to rest. Camp is set up a safe distance away.

We notice a goblin patrol and decide to intercept them to see if they know anything about what is going on in the tower. I cast dancing lights as a distraction and shoot a goblin. So satisfying. Puppy got nothing but air on his attack. Stick made these two ghosts appear and they also began attacking the goblins. Kaz does his usual hack and slash routine – boring but useful. We make short work of the party. I killed a goblin that tried to kill Puppy and shot another not quite dead. Goblin killing parties are always a good time!

Puppy and I have a good time playing while the others, mainly Kaz and Stick, argue about whether or not to let the goblin live. Stick thinks it should continue breathing. The only good goblin is a dead goblin in my books. While they continue to “discuss” I meditate to replenish my ranger spells (Entangle & Detect Snares & Pits). The discussion then changes to how to proceed from here. Do we:
a) attack a fort where we would be severely outnumbered
b) talk to a crazy man about what he may or may not know
c) do we just walk away
The decision is made after much heated discussion. Stick is going to go talk to a crazy man and the rest of us are going boot shopping in town! We will meet up with Stick in about a week.



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