Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 16

The graveyard job

After a restless night after the graveyard search I went with Lem as a bodyguard to ask around about the grave breakins while Ash and Andur pursued other leads. We hit a few different seedy bars and found that the likely culprits were the Garungi and Talkal gangs. Returning to the others we talked about what reason lie behind the break ins and Ash theorized that this may be tied to the breaching festival of the Acadamae. The black powder that we found in the tombs is a component for summoning the spirits of the dead and Bunsen declared that it is a very poor quality example and was probably homemade. Bunsen brought us a man who is his supplier of such things and he also pointed us to the Garungi as possible sellers of the stuff. We went to their hang out and find them and to my surprise they are led by my cousin Tamarask. He is heavily marked with criminal brands and tatoos – a long term criminal, we have never gotten along. With some questioning he was surprisingly forthcoming however about the people he sold to.
One of the buyers was a meat stall vendor, Amadish, the other a woman carrying a sword – chelaxian –staying at the Bards End, the third a long term client.
He had them followed and the woman sold her portion to Amadish, he and others went into the graveyard and she followed separately.
Andur and Lem headed back to the inn and I stayed to buy one more round for my cousin. When I came out I found that they had been jumped by 7 thugs but had killed 5 and the other 2 fled. We went back to the inn and pick up Ash. She found in her research another link between the graves- all had been members of a group called the circle of blood – prefounders of the Academae. We took this information to the Temple of Pharisma and the priest there was able to narrows down the list of graves. With the guards able to focus their attention on a smaller target list we went to investigating Amadish. We was registered with the guard at an address which turned out to be an opulent estate in the south district. Walled, and guarded by elves. Stymied by this I suggested we check the Bards Ends Inn where the woman had been seen as it was just down the street. Upon entering we were immediatly greeted another priest of Desna who noticed Ash’s weakness and offered what seemed to be a prayer that caused Ash to suddenly seem like her old self again. An odd turn of events as that was the entire reason that we were doing this particular job.
The woman was there at the bar and we were able to go up to talk to her in her room, she has been investigating Amadish as well for buying the stone. He seems to just be the agent of someone else. She gave us his actual address. She herself seems to be some sort of agent of the Chelaxian crown called “the Sisterhood”. She also seemed very dangerous. With more information than we expected to find, and a reward that was no longer so enticing we headed back to the inn for the night.



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