Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 17

Death and Desna

Enko is still missing. Lem has “ratbite fever”.
We met Bunsen in the common room of the inn where I noticed a couple of men watching us. I pointed it out and Andur immediately confronted them, nearly starting a fight. After talking them and Ander down they left. It seemed that most of the people had bad dreams the last night. We went to search for Amadish and on the way found out from one of the guards that a priest of Desna had been murdered in the night. We arrested Amadish without much trouble and took him with one of the guards back to the temple. The body of the murdered priest was there and we investigated. He had an empty ornate box which Ash checked and found a false bottom. inside was an item wrapped in parchment. She unwrapped it and there was a golden rod shaped like snake which looks like it is designed to fit into something larger. Ash read the parchment and there is an explosion. We survived but the box was destroyed. Andur spoke with the spirit of the dead priest. He said he was killed by “crows” and he was told by Desna to bring the item here for “the elf”. After checking in at the church of Desna and talking to Bunsen we went back to the graveyard to investigate where the priest died. He was visiting the grave of the dwarf who was the last of the circle of blood to die (Dolem the deepdelver). he was seen leaving alive but then was found dead in the morning. Andur and I note that the rod would fit perfectly into a slot on the grave. I found a black candle near the grave. We then headed outside the city to the temple of Gozreh to take the items we found in baroney west. The priest (Elmar) knew Kalawar (the murdered priest). He tells us of his final days. We checked in with the high priestess of Pharisma to see if we can open the grave of Dolem, she agreeed and we went back to the inn to prepare.


hahaha did the BERSERKER talk people out of a fight?

Kalabaz's Journal page 17

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