Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 18

That time Bunsen blew the roof off an inn

After an evening in the busy common room we retired to our rooms. As we had overheard some shifty things Lem took first watch. He heard some footsteps going up the stairs after 1am and woke me up, we went to check Ash’s room across the hall and were knocked flat by an explosion. The entire top floor where Bunsen and Andur were staying was leveled. We got Ash who had been knocked unconcious and Lem went up to see if he could find them. He found Andur but not Bunsen. We regrouped in our room and decided to leave and stay at the church of Desna for the rest of the night. In the morning the priest told us that the two bodies from the inn were taken to the temple of Pharisma. We didn’t recognize either of them but we checked a cart of body parts and found a boot with part of a leg in it that looked like Bunsen’s. Bunsen, disguised as an old woman, met us outside the room, saying that he was now wanted for the explosion. I told the priest that the boot was one that belonged to Bunsen to take the heat off him, not a lie exactly as it was his boot.
We decided that this might be a good time to get out of town and deal with the wraith. We left a message for Bunsen to get the boat to Elwet ready and did some shopping for gear. Andur went to the Temple of Torag to pray and find info on the wraith. When we arrived in Elwet we were immediately taken to see the watch commander. He told us that Balbu’s body was stolen but had been blessed so that he wouldn’t rise again. I checked in at the Silver Vein and Almara has not yet returned. I stop by the smithy and talk to my former boss, he said that if things go badly or Elwet is attacked he has an escape plan. He also arranged a boat for us. I met Andur and Lem at the inn where Yakiv has told them that a halfling and a half elf bard were seen the day Balbu’s body disapearred. They fit the description of 2 of the 8. We set out on the boat which let us of off at Barony east. We were quickly put under arrest by hellknights who seem to have fortified the abandoned town. A woman came out and questioned us and was satisfied with our explanation. She freed us and led us to the inn. Troska has been promoted to full knight and he recognizes us. He is with a Teifling knight that says he is Maralichter Azmarius who made a deal that we look for his missing patrol around the hags swamp and he will send help with the wraith. We set out in the morning with 2 “signifiers (clerics)” one is the woman who first questioned us (Talea) and Anenna to hunt the wraith.



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