Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 19

The End of the Baron

22nd of Gozren. We set out with the two Hellknight signifiers to the wraiths lair. The Barons manor has been destroyed and the hellknights have set up camp there. We went to the river entrance as the dungeon had been collapsed and found the wraith in the same chamber as before. After a short fight we are able to take it down again. Hopefully I will never feel that cold touch again. Signifire Anenna identifies the throne is the vessel and destroys it with a fireball. We did a quick search of the chamber for valubles and I found a tigerseye gem like the one Enko had found. Lem gathered some coins and Ander took two bottles and a knife.
With the Baron out of the way it was time to hold up our end of the bargain. We went back to baroney east to get information on what to look for. The guard there told us to look for two large x marks on trees near a stone monolith and we were looking for a patrol 10 men. Early in the search we found 2 of the dead horses and a dead hellknight strung up on the tree, Andur questioned his spirit and he told us that they were attacked by a dozen orcs. I continued tracking and eventually we found two creatures questioning a goblin. They let it go and Andur confronted them. They seemed to be Gnolls and they told him that the orc camp is in the swamp. We headed down the other path that circled back to the swamp and found a gobln camp.Lem sneaked in but was caught rather quickly and Andur and I were forced to rescue him. We made short work of the goblins and thier shaman but one got away. While Andur was cutting Lem free I heard a dwarven voice calling Andur’s name. I found a dwarf in a cage nearby and freed him. He is brightly dressed and says that he saw a captured scout that told the orcs that we were coming and heard Andur’s name from him. He lead us to his camp in the swamp, on the way Lem got swallowed by a giant frog. His name is Glim Glander dwarven bard. He gave us a key and says we are welcome to his chest for saving him. Suddenly he summoned Ash to us. She appeared out of thin air. He says that Bolka told him that Ash was needed here. When I went to open the chest a stone fist on spring hit me and sent me flying. Glim seemed to think that was hilarious so I punched him in the face. In the chest is a vial of green liquid that Ash takes. Glim says will disrupt and weaken the hag if poured on the roots of her tree. Ash also took a bag of gems from the chest at Glim’s insistance.



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