Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 20

The Swamp

We woke late in the morning at Glin’s camp and set out to the hag’s tree. Glin moved to the other side of the lake to distract the orcs there while we swam out to the island. Ash poured the vial on the roots of the tree and Andur poured Bunsens alcohol and threw the fire potion a it. Seemingly enrage by the attack the tree stood up on its roots and kicked Andur out into the lake. I sent Ash after him and dove for the hags lair seeking to destroy the root of the problem. I found her making a doll out of reeds in her cave and after asking me to join her, which I refused she turned invisible and started attacking me with her claws. I managed to get one good hit on her but spent the rest of the time swinging at air. If I hadn’t already been enraged that would have done it. Eventually Ash showed up and we were able to fight her off and she screamed in rage and seemed to leave. We searched the room but found nothing but Andur detected magic under the floor so we dug down and found a chest. Strapping the chest to Andurs back we headed out of the lair. When I broke the surface of the water I found myself surrounded by orcs and an ogre. Surrender not being an option I dove back down to stop the others, taking a few arrows on the way. I grabbed on to the acending Andur and Ash and was carried back up. I grabbed Ash and I dove back into the water but Andur Surrendered. Ash and I hid in the hags lair until later in the day and then swam underwater undetected to the far shore where we met Glim. We decided to rest at his camp overnight before going to rescue Andur.
In the morning we found Andur an Lem near the edge of the Lake and decided that we should go after the Tree and the hag if it was with it. We tracked the tree to a clearing that it seemed to have made but there was no sign of the hag. Ash summoned a servant of Desna, a small pixie like woman. She said that there was a forge nearby where I could make cold iron weapons that would hurt the tree and lead us to it. It is a very old and magical place surrounded by standing stones with a perfect set of tools and a supply of cold iron ingots to use. Andur cast magic weapon while I was making a shortsword for Lem and it seemed to absorb the magic. I made a grappling hook for my rope and crampons so that we could climb the tree and avoid its roots. We went back to the clearing and climbed the tree with the gear I made but even my axe seemed to ring harmlessly off its rock hard bark. We climbed back down and Lem threw a fire bomb at it which immediately caused it to lash out and hit him. This seemed to be futile so we headed back to Glin’s camp for the night.



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