Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 21

The Strange Dwarf

In the morning we went to the tree again so that Ash could try a banish spell, unsuccessfully. That failed we went to scout for the other orc camps. On the way we found a dead party of orcs and goblins that seemed to have been… drained. While inspecting them three giant leeches burst out of the water but I was able to cut them down before they could latch on to any of us. We moved on to the lake and started to track a party of orcs and an ogre. After following them for a while Lem thought that they were on to us so we stopped. Glin suggested that he knew where they were probably going and that he knew a back way in. He lead us to a narrow canyon which used to be a escape route for a chelaxian guard tower. We proceded down the path and over a collapsed archway. On the other side we can smell and hear pigs. There are five passages branching off, the leftmost is where the pigs are, 2 seemed to go to the tower, one to a store room and one to a cistern. Lem scouted the storeroom and said it is full of bones and debris. We checked the cistern room and there is obviously a well with a rope coming from up above. As we started to go back we heard a troll coming up the passage, Glim moved up and sang a distracting song and it moved away. We moved to one of the tower tunnels next and encountered a door. Lem disarmed the traps on it and unlocked it, he is handy to have around sometimes. Moving up into the tower we found a trapped staircase and hidden doors but eventually we came to a ladder with a trap door to the upper level. We could hear goblins torturing someone so Andur went up first and cast an illusion to distract the goblins, most of them follow it and we killed the remaining ones. There were seven Hellknights there including the one being tortured. They told us that their commander was upstairs. Glim made a sphere of invisibility around us and we crossed the room full of sleeping orcs and ogres. We used the rope and grapple to climb up a garbage shaft to the third level of the tower. The Hellknights left us to go rearm themselves while we went up to the next floor to free their commander. We climbed up to the next floor into what seemed to be a training room and found a half orc in plate armor. We attacked him, and after a tough fight we killed him. Shortly after a heavily armored dwarf and two half orcs entered the room. He looked to be a cleric of Torag. He explained that he is in charge of this place and controls it with his half orc “sons” and uses it to try to stem the flow of orcs going to Dukosh. He talked a bunch of nonsense about redeeming the orcs through the half orcs. The others accept his offer of shelter for the night but not trusting anything about this I stayed on watch. Later in the night Glin showed up at the window. He said that the dwarfs name is Oldolgar and he is dangerously insane. Andur refused to leave and said he would join us in the morning but I wasn’t leaving Ash in this camp of orcs so rest of us climbed down from tower. On the way to the cistern we spot a man in a cage on the far side of the camp. While we climbed down the well, and met the Hellknights there, Lem went to check out the cage and and returned telling us that the man in the cage looked like Enko. Glin teleported him to us and we moved out to the tunnel we first came in and waited there for Andur.



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