Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

You tell me your name, orcmaster, and I shall tell you mine.

10 Pharast, 4711 AR

Greetings most worthy ancestors, I address you now to placate your ire over my disturbing actions. The day began oddly, much of what happened is strangely vague, as if I wasn’t actually present. Perhaps this is tied to the memory loss we experienced when we first awoke in the East village. Perhaps a part of my consciousness was ruminating on the sorrows of the day before or had traveled to the spirit plane. Maybe the fate of my war hammer, a gift from Uncle Barag when I set out for my gladdringer, lay heavy upon me. Regardless of the cause I will recount what I can.
The hell knights departed back towards Korvosa and the party decided to look for the baron’s wayward child, despite my desire to return to the keep to recover my war hammer and exact some retribution on the savages. After some run in’s with more of the soulless, which I was able to sense from a distance, we found ourselves at the back entrance of an old church. The church, which was sacred to some lost human goddess I believe, was attached to a cemetery swarming with the restless dead. These slurry though were different somehow, they seemed intent on something. I believe they were there for the child, whom we did find inside. Ash and Bunsen dealt with the hungry masses and we decided to get the girl to safety. She seemed very concerned about recovering her doll. I have a feeling it may be more then a mere child’s toy, perhaps some sort of totem or effigy. We made our way to the river and were shortly met by Mad John piloting his barge. After some discussion we head off down river for Elwit. As we floated past the baron’s keep someone noticed that the locals from the East village were imprisoned in the courtyard. Arrows began to rain down on us so we decided to put ashore. Dock, Lem, and Enko snuck up the hillside with the intent to deal with the archers. Kalabaz prepared a trip wire at the top of the hill to use against the inevitable appearance of the ogre and the rest of us stayed on the barge where I protected them from the flying arrows. It was around this time I snapped out of my reverie. Once the immediate threat to the barge passengers had passed I set out to vent my wrath and recover my war hammer. As I neared the top of the rise Kalabaz successfully sprung his trap, if you’d call it that. A dwarf really should fashion something more impressive, he has lived amongst the humans far too long. However, crude or not the trip wire did partially work and the ogre tumbled down to the waterfront and landed in a broken heap. Kalabaz was hot on it’s heels and finished off the rancid piece of shale. I proceeded on up and was headed for the manor house by way of some stove-in grobi heads but was surprised to find that green skin reinforcements had arrived. The illusive Dukoshk stood just inside the main gates. He had a well armed mob of grobi all around him and another ogre acting as bodyguard. He had the stones to demand we immediately lay down our weapons and surrender. I had no intention of doing any such thing but Dukoshk is deeply buried in this mystery we are faced with and we needed his information. He also claimed that the witch had ordered him to bring us before her. Furthermore, he still held the townspeople captive and threatened them harm if we persisted in our attack. I agreed to end our hostilities, for now, but refused to disarm or surrender. Nor would we abandon the townsfolk to the green skins “mercy”. Kalabaz was difficult to persuade to my wisdom but the rest of my crew accepted my orders. I saw to it that Bunsen and the fisherman took the girl to safety in Elwit. We kept guard over the captives for the next three days, the orcs and goblins were a constant threat and the temptation to slaughter them was almost too much to resist. The orc warrior that I’d fought with the day before has my hammer. For now. I’ve made it clear to him that I will recover it in time. Finally, we saw the townsfolk led to safety and set off to meet with this “witch”. Dukoshk refused to approach too close to the witch’s swampy lair as did his companion. It’s not really surprising they are cowards. We were suspicious of the witch’s magic but eventually entered her cave under the water, it’s possible she is a prisoner there. She claimed that she is a nature spirit and that the human child is actually the spawn of a devil who’s evil only she can stop. Ash’s god however has reavealed a somewhat different story. It seems the witch is truly the child’s mother and is herself some sort of demon. I am still not sure what to make of this information but a pattern is beginning to form. After leaving the witch we swung back through the East village and continued on for Elwit. Unfortunatly, the fisherman’s raft did not make it safely to town and the girl is once again missing.



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