Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Ysirnith's book of dreams 11

9 Gozreh, 4711 AR

Dying is like a dream but more permanent or we could say that dying is more like waking up to the true reality and our lives are just a dream. I haven’t had the strength or the will to write about this dream only it’s beginning. Usually when I do have vivid dreams, I remember them. In all it’s glorious or not quite glorious detail. But for this one. When I died. I can’t remember what they told me the butterfly, my mother and the man on the beach.

So I spent the past few nights in contemplation. Trying to recall everything I could in my death. Though I would occasionally dream more about more pressing issues dictated by Desna, I have unlocked some details.

The Butterfly:
Among the three her’s was the easiest to remember but the most difficult and foreboding but her voice was also the most comforting. “WE ALL MUST CHOOSE A PATH. IF YOU AWAKE YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE MOST DIFFICULT ONE. THE DWARF IS RIGHT

My Mother:
This one I can’t remember too well. What she said to me… It was either “do not trust this man or trust this man”… She also mentioned that the man was dear to her or the death of her. I could not understand nor do I think I ever will for this part of my dream was distorted due to the call of life.

The man:
His voice was the weakest among all of them. Though I found his voice distantly familiar. He said something like “‘Dead?’ Ysirnith. I have hoped to see … ‘death’… on the beach to …. I’m…. failed…. me…. for… last time.”

Though his voice was kind. His message worries me. I failed him? Who is he and why does it seem like I remember him. Sigh, more questions to ask myself.



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