Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Ysirnith's book of dreams 12

Gohzrin 21, 4711 AR

I find myself falling. Not is a hole per se. More of a cave. And I was falling horizontally. Usually in dreams a person falling down would wake up when they hit the bottom. It is the fear of death and the kindness of Desna that wakes us up. Who would want to be in pain in a dream for time does not exist.

Anyways I am falling forward through the hole. Music can be heard. A dwarven music but not a dirge. Something more jolly. I can see the end of the hole and what I see is rather strange. I see hell knights. Lots of them who for some reason are working with Andur. I also see a giant frog swallowing my friends and a troll which is shaped like a cube who crawls in a cave where he can barely fit. I see a dwarf fight another dwarf not with axe but belief. I get the feeling that I am needed.

It’s strange that this all begin when I picked up a broom.



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