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Ysirnith's Book of Dreams 2

Look at my horse my horse is amazing!

As Lem worked on the lock, Ash took out her scroll container and pulled out some notes of her Book of Dreams. It was a dream she had years before the first words for the book were ever written but Ash remembered the dream rather vividly.

15 Lamashan, 4703 AR

It all started with the concoction of wild plants and mushrooms Azrakel concocted. It was to bring anyone into a deep sleep. This sleep would bring the acolyte into communion with Desna. Some people claimed that they saw events that were about to happen. Others said they saw friends of family long past. Quite a few said they were howling at the moon. I really hoped to see the second one.

The drink was horrid. It had a very bitter taste and numbed the tongue. Then it happened…

I heard the thundering of hooves along a field of gold dry grass, over head was a royal blue sky. The orange sun and stars danced and swirled around the sky in some sort of cosmic dance. In the distance, the horizon was filled with horses of all shapes, colors and breeds.

As they galloped through the fields of golden grass, they sang praise to Desna through a choir of whinnies and groans. Suddenly the horses climbed on top of each. Their bodies twisted and conformed to each other as a mountain of horse flesh formed. From there a mountain of a horse head made from the parts of lesser horses rose from the golden field. Many excess horses fall to the ground only to join the mass of horses at its base.

“You have made the journey and a rewards you must have. Come Tikbalang!” Said the massive horse head and spat out a pony. This pony was so white it seemed to glow. Its mane looked like spun silk and monarch butterflies flocked around it.

The pony somersaulted in the air and landed on its feet on the sea of golden grass.

The large horse head collapsed under its own weight as parts of it ran off into the distance. A woman’s voice, which sounded oddly familiar, boomed throughout the wide plains CALL UPON MY POWER AND SHE SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU!”

I awoke in the lake near out campsite with Azrakel fishing me out of the water. Apparently I was running around pretending to be a horse. Azrakel said I will have to do this again when I find that I can control my dreams better. It will take time and practice.



Good story… but that video… Jesus Christ Ricky.

Ysirnith's Book of Dreams 2

Oh Ricky. I think it’s awesome that your adventure logs sometimes have nothing to do with the adventure but still have so much to do with your character.

Ysirnith's Book of Dreams 2

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