A Elven Madame of the SIlver Vein in Elwet. An unnatural paragon of unearthly Beauty and Grace. One of Eight


The madame of the Silver Vein in Elwet, this beautiful woman is renowned for her unusual looks and grace. A tall Elven woman, she possesses golden eyes, hair that appears with an almost metallic sheen, and a grace that seems to lull people into a sense of serenity and peace.

An Outsider, specifically a Lillend Azata, she was summoned and bound by the other members of the eight and instead of fighting back decided she could curtail their lust for power and reign in their destructive traits by guiding their hand with her ability to far-see into possible futures. In that way she could do some small good for the world of Golarion and Varisia.

She has encouraged the party to act out against the eight and stop them because she is losing control over their lust for power and their will to dominate. She fears what may come to pass if the eight are left unchecked.


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