A ruthless crimeboss in the town of Elwet. One of the Eight.


A dark-skinned, Shoanti Human who violently rules the underworld of Elwet killing any who dare defy him in the most brutal ways he can imagine. Primarily, his rackets extend to tariff evasion, transportation of illegal/ exotic goods and people, protection/ extortion, some prostitution, and gambling.

Balbu is wanted by various Magistrates (and the crown) in Korvosa and currently holds a bounty of 500, 000 GP (alive) and 150, 000 GP (dead). The bounty is redeemable at any of the government or military organizations within the city. For this reason Balbu uses a number of stand-ins and body doubles to conduct his business. He very rarely involves himself in a overt, direct manner unless the threat is considerable to his organization.


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