'Ol Snappy

A legendary monster that lives in the Jegarre river around the Hegrif Barony

“Yep, that’s ‘Ol Snappy out there making waves in the water. Don’t expect to see him none though, he’s shy!”
-Hermit John the Fisherman: Nonsensical ramblings

“Click, click, click, click, SNAP, SNAP, click…”
-Attributed to ’Ol Snappy

A creature of legend, few have seen the beast known as “’Ol Snappy” and have lived to tell the tale. In fact, most of what IS known about the thing are rumors and stories spread by the eccentric hermit, John. Such are the tales that many of the locals doubt that the monster actually exists though most are quick to lay blame upon it for any ill luck that occurs on the river.

'Ol Snappy

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