Pathfinder: Rise of the Rust Monster

Kalabaz's Journal page 9
Korvosa, 19 Pharast, 4711 AR

After setting up at a small in near the gate we head off to see the fishmonger/gang contact Kalinda in Old Korvosa. We ran up against the back of a unioners riot and were pulled aside into an eatery by a man who tells us to get off the street before we get hurt. We had lunch inside while the sounds of fighting outside got louder. The barmaid approached us and said that she was glad we came and our arrangement to intercept the courier and bring back the box is on and our payment will be arranged by Jorg or them. Andur went along with it and asked what we do. We were told to go the Elegant Eclipse, and find an Ashwood Elf who had a dwarven marked box. The others were playing along so I didn’t say anything. We exited into the alley and Andur went to check the name of the inn (Crown & Sail). Andur, Ash and Lem went to look into the courier while Enko and I went to talk to Kalinda. We arrived in Old Korvosa and find the reefclaw market and tracked down Kalinda. For 3g she tells us that Dock was taken to the University in Korvosa and was supposed to be taken to Magnamar but was not seen leaving the university. She is a bounty broker so we tried to have her negotiate for Lem’s wife with his gang. Unfortunately they didn’t seem interested in a fair trade and wanted 1000g for the wife 50000 to overlook Lem’s transgressions.
While we waited for Kalinda to return from here negotiations with the Urchins Enko wanted to talk to a local Shoanti seer woman. The seer warned Enko about seeking his past but he seemed determined to keep at it, even after I tried to dissuade him myself. We asked a few more questions about Jorg and then returned to the inn and meet up with the others.
The elf courier had offered the others to give us the box to deliver to the mad king in the Mindspin mountains which, oddly enough is Bunsen’s employer. As we were going there already it seemed like a good arrangement and we headed off to pick up the box from the Elegant Eclipse. The elf was performing in the common room and the innkeeper took us to a room upstairs where he handed us a key and left. Upon entering the room there was some sort of magic trap, Andur and Enko were weakened by it but the rest of us were able to resist it. Lem attempted to pick up the bag in the middle of the room but had to roll out of the way when it exploded and ignited the room. This is why you never trust an elf. At this point I was Furious, and ran back downstairs. I could see the innkeeper is outside talking to a cloaked figure. Andur approached them from the front and I circle around behind them. The innkeeper ran away once he saw us but the tall dark figure stood his ground silently. Andur grew impatient and attacked it and the fight was on. It moved very fast and we were unable to hurt it, fortunately its spells did not seem to work on me. Andur, however, was not so lucky and was deafened. After a fight where neither side gained any ground I called it a draw and it disappeared. The others recovered the box and the elf courier had vanished in the chaos so we went back to the inn to meet Bunsen. We agreed to stay one more day in the city so that he can finish his business. We went to the Temple of Sarenrae in the morning to cure Andur’s deafness and seek refuge for the following night.

Kalabaz's Journal page 8
The Road to Korvosa, 15-19 Pharast, 4711 AR

We set out on the road to Korvosa with Elwet still weighing heavily on my mind. Soon we encountered a caravan of dwarven merchants heading in the same direction, for convenience sake we joined them for the journey, though I avoided contact with them myself.
Andur was being an ass as usual, he seemed to blame me for some cutpurse we encountered on the road. Idiot probably just dropped the coins himself. A few things of note before I get to how we found Lem. First, I have removed the brand from my shoulder. Ash was nice enough to heal the wound and now it is like it was never there. Second, I inspected the box that my former master gave me before we left town. It is beautiful and has an inlay of Elwet on the inside of the cover and contains a finely crafted dagger.
As we neared the city Enko spotted something other side of the river, he must have very sharp eyes as he recognized Lem from that distance. We found a nearby dock and Enko paid one of the fishermen to ferry him across. On his way back with Lem in the boat there was some kind of struggle, apparently the fisherman wanted the bounty on Lem. Enko was able to subdue him and found some information on who was collecting the bounty.
It was decided to carry on into the city so that Bunsen could resupply and we could look into removing the bounty on Lem and possibly find out what happened to Dock. At the gate we were informed of the very strict laws in Korvosa, the punishments for most involving torture and death. I had hopes not to stay long.

Kalabaz’s Journal. page 7
Criminal, 13-15 Pharast, 4711 AR

Exiled. Again. But I don’t regret killing that scum. We went to the Silver Thrush looking for Dock’s captors, unfortuately Andur gave Lem away thinking the thieves would deal fairly. I must remember that he is young – and a fool. Upon going outside to get Dock we were unsurprisingly told that we were fooled and directed to the Silver Vein bordello. The madame is an elf woman who has a strange aura of calmness about her. She informs us that we have been played yet again by the thieves. By this point I was quite furious at these thieves and marched back down the street an called out the thug who we had given Lem to. After some argument I challange him and he jumps down, I was in a blind rage and cut him down. Then I was immediately arrested by the guards, as well as Andur who somehow had the mans coin purse planted on him. After spending a few days in prison there was a trial. Ash somehow had proof that I am of noble birth which made the dual semi-legal. My sentence is exile and a fine which Bunsen covers. I must ask where she found this document but there is no time now. Upon my release I gather my belongings and head out of town to wait for the others on the road.

The Debt Now Owed
13-15 Pharast, 4711 AR

In the morning we got together to discuss the situation that was at hand involving Dock and Lem. As noted on the wanted poster, it said to inquire at the Silver Vein or the Silver Thrush. So we decided to head to the Silver Thrush. On our way we were met by some gaurds, they asked us who we were and where we were going. Ash introduced herself as the priestess she is, they were taken aback and let us on our way.
We arrived at the Silver Thrush and went in. We went and stood by a roulette table to get an idea of the place. It was a gambling and drinking establishment. As we were standing there I noticed a varisian woman upstairs eyeing the table and Lem. She seemed to be a watch out or definitly on to Lem.
A staff member comes up to us and sayaid there were complimentory drinks upstairs. (Well I guess they know who we are)
We waited at a table upstairs, and the varisian woman was still eyeing us.
Andur ended up just asking the waitress about Dock. The waitress goes off and a man come up to us. He wanted Lem for Dock, and we end up giving him Lem. Lem was then told to take everything off. He said his job was to only collect Lem and that someone else will give us Dock.
We left.
There was a man outside waiting for us. He claimed he was double crossed and that Almara at the Silver Vein has them. (Well it’s all we had to go with)
We headed over to the Silver Vein and asked to see this Almara. We got an audience with her. We asked her about Lem and Dock. She didn’t have them and didn’t know what we’re talking about. (She was telling the truth) She went on to tell us that a shoanti by the name of Balbu probably set this up to get rid of her. He’s of the scarzni and he’s ruthless. She also talked about the seven “lords” of the scarzni and that there was a house with a passage they might use to take them out of the city.
We left and headed back to the Silver Thrush. (Kalabaz was not happy… but when was he ever really)
They wouldn’t let Kalabaz back inside. He told them he wants to see the man from earlier. (He definitly had a knack for making a scene). The man came to the balcony and basically told Kalabaz to go away. They argued back and forth for a bit till Kalabaz challenged him to a fight. The man jumped down from the balcony. They fought and Kalabaz ended up disembowelling him. Before the man died he yelled out “gaurds! help! i’m being robbed”.
At that moment gaurds had rounded the corner.
After some debate the gaurds arrested Kalabaz for murder.(Definitely the wrong part of town). One of the gaurds that was questioning people whisperred something to the head gaurd. The head gaurd wanted to search Andur. He found a pouch on him that was not his. A crowd member spoke up, “that’s it, that’s the stolen pouch”. (Most definitely the wrong part of town). Andur was arrested as well. There was nothing we could do so we took Andur and Kalabaz’s belongings and headed back to the inn for the night.
In the morning a couple gaurds came into the inn informing us they found a dead halfling that may be Lem. We went to identify the body, and it wasn’t Lem.
We asked the gaurds about Andur and Kalabaz. They told us it didin’t look good for them, probably get branded and imprisoned. We asked if we were able to see them, and we were told to go check with prison.
We headed off to the prison.
At the prison we talked with a gaurd. We weren’t allowed to visit them so we asked what could possibly happen: 3-5 years of labour for robbery, 5 + years for muder, with fines or lashings on top of that.
We would need witnesses to say they didn’t do it and we wouldn’t find them near the Silver Thrush. (Perhaps the people at the Silver Vein would help us).
I went to the Silver Vein and spoke with Almara. I asked if any of her girls would come forth with what they saw, she said no because it would put their lives at risk. I asked what she could possibly do to sway the judge, and she asked what did I have to offer. (I’m sure she doesn’t need money). I told her other than money I could offer myself. Almara said to come back later. I leave.
Some time went by and i went to speak with Almara again, but she said she is unable to do anything.
I showed up for the trial of Andur and Kalabaz. Ash had shown up with papers of noble lineage for Kalabaz (where’d she get those). Andur declared he wanted a truthful trial, so an inquistor would be sent for. Kalabaz was set free with a branding and exilement (his own idea) and Andur went back to jail to await the inquisitor.
After the trial we went back to the inn. Shortly after Andur showed up, he’d said he’d been cleared of the charges. (Almara?)
I told them I had spoken with Almara to see if she could do something, and perhaps she had.
Andur and I went to see Almara. She confirmed that she was responsible and that they were both cleared of charges. The exile was Kalabaz’s idea so it was beyond her control. She had thought of something we could do for repayment, she wanted the 8 removed, they’re evil. We agreed and left to meet up with the others.
After some talk we decided to walk to Korvosa, should only take 4 and a half days.

Kalabaz’s Journal. page 6
The Bramble King, 13 Pharast, 4711 AR

It has been a day of surprises, both good and bad. We started by talking to Bunsen over breakfast about where the barge crashed so that we could start looking for John and Anessa, when we were interrupted by Yakv showing us a wanted poster for Lem Underfoot that had been tacked on the inn door overnight. Dock took it upon himself to investigate who was after Lem and struck out alone. Ash and Andur have a prior obligation to speak to that crazy man who lives in the blue tower on the other side of town, although only her god could know why.
That left Enko, Lem and myself to begin the search. We followed the road along the river until we came across one of the town militia who showed us where they were looking. At the spot where they are searching is a large circle of withered plants and grass at the shore, the is a very unnatural sight. Enko is luckily able to find tracks that lead away from the circle into the forest. The guard said he had to go back to town to report and find Bunsen so we told him to inform Ash and Andur as well.
Following the tracks lead us to a massive bramble bush where I know there are old ruins. Lem tried to crawl under while we looked for a way through. Shortly after Ash and Andur arrived and Ash said there were stairs down at certain spot. Andur used some sort of magic to move the brambles out of the way but in the process trapped Lem inside, I had to chop him free with Andur’s hand axe. Andur started down the stairs and that is when things started to go a bit sideways, the brambles started to grab him! I tried to go in and free him with the hand axe only to find the brambles clutching at my pack. As I worked to cut myself free Enko somehow somersaulted over me and Andur in the low passage, I have to say it was fairly impressive. I wrenched my pack free and dove clear of the bramble tunnel just as it collapsed behind me.
Setting my pack down and asking Lem to watch it I started to go back and start hacking down this obstinant plant when a little ball of light settled on my pack and started eating my food. It was a damned pixie, called himself the “Bramble King” which put me in mind that this might be his plant. He mentioned that there is a girl below and I coerced him to open the way down for us. At the bottom of the stairs we found John, who was in rough shape. Andur and Ash were able to get him fixed up some though and Ash convinced the bramble king to show her where the girl was. It is determined that she is sleeping in a mushroom circle and could potentially sleep there forever if left alone. We decided that might be best for her and everyone around her given that her true nature is unknown. I struck a deal with the pixie for 10 gold and a cart of food he will keep her there indefinitely. We took John back to town where he could recover his barge and I collected a cart of food and returned to the pixie to make good on our deal without further event.
Given the scrutiny Lem has been drawing I decide that it would be best if he stayed at the smithy in my room while I slept in his room at the inn and awaited Dock. There I found a note scrawled on another Lem wanted poster, “The halfling for the half-elf” ….

King of the Brambles
13 Pharast, 4711 AR

We meet up in the inn.
The night watch found no sign of the others, Bunsen tells us.
Yakav came to table, he told us that there’s a man outside looking for a priest of Dezna. He also put a folded piece of paper on the table, said it was on the door in the morning. It was a wanted picture for Lem.
We went outside to meet this man looking for a priest of Dezna. The others recognized him. He was from the Barony West and said Ash had paid him to look after her wagon and two donkeys. He had heard we had left the Barony and headed out after the villagers had returned. He mentioned a trial was to be held for the villagers. We asked the man about John and he said that it is said John has a connection with nature and he was unlikly to have capsized.
We left the wagon and donkeys at Kalabaz’s master’s.
Kalabaz, myself and Lem went to the river to investigate. Ash and Andur go speak with some scholar about something Ash had translated.
On our way to the river we ran into a gaurd, he was wet from the waist down. He asked ours names and where we were heading. We told him that we were with the people that capsized. He was welcoming and took us to the place where the barge crashed.
(The area was odd and unnatural)
There was a circle of decay, half on shore, half in the river. It looked to be drained of life and nutrients.
I gave the circle a look over. I came across a broad set of tracks, half walking, half staggering. The gaurd told us there’s ruins 2-3 miles down in the direction the tracks were headed.
The gaurd that was in the water volunteers to tell Bunsen, aswell as Ash and Andur for us.
I followed the tracks which lead us to a mound of thorn bushes, it was massive in size. The tracks lead up to the bush and stopped. We couldn’t see any paths leading through the thorns. Lem ventured into the thorn bush, Kalabaz started hacking away at the thorns and then Ash and Andur arrived.
Ash mentioned that there should be a set of stairs near by.
Lem spoke out from the brambles that he smelt something rotting and asked if he should investigate.
Andur must not of heard Lem, as Andur started lifting the brambles off a trail with magic. (Lem was now stuck due to this)
Kalabaz was able to cut Lem out only to find him laying in a pile of animal bones. (Well we know what the rotting smell was coming from)
Andur managed to clear a path to a set of stairs leading down. As Andur went down the stairs he got snagged on the brambles and warned us that they were magical vines that would grab us and not to come any further. (Kalabaz doesn’t listen very well) As Kalabaz went in to cut Andur free, he too was grabbed by the vines.
(Well I didn’t have anything to cut them out, but maybe if I got in front of them?)
I took a few paces back then ran and dove over top of the dwarves, landing midway down the stairs free from the vines. I turned around to check on the dwarves and i could see that the vines were actually moving on their own. Just then I heard a man in a feeble voice call out for help. (It sounded like John) I informed Andur and asked if he was going to be alright by himself, he said yes and i went to aid john.
At the bottom of the stairs it entered into a semi circular room with a flower design on the floor.(The same flower that is on the Verisian flag)
I saw John on the floor and hurry over to him. He was pale and blooby, and had possibly some broken ribs. I gave him some water to drink. (It was all i could do)
Andur had made his way out of the brambles and came over to us. Andur laid his hand on John and he seemed to regain colour.
Ash found her way down and over to us.
We asked John where Anessa was and he said she was there last night. We then asked what had happened on the river. He said something pushed the boat up from behind and pushed it on to the rock. He was able to make it to shore. He saw some light and followed it carrying Anessa. Woke up here with candles lit all around. (Well there was no sign of candles anywhere, he must have been quite out of it)
John asked for some rations and i gave him some.
Up the stairs the brambles openned up and a little ball of light is talking to Kalabaz. (Was this what John was talking about)
Kalabaz and the ball of light came down to meet us. It was a faerie. He called himself the King of the Brambles. He told us he knew where the girl was and that the dragon was gaurding her. after some conversation he agreed to take Ash, and only Ash to see the girl. They headed off down another path heading downwards.
After sometime Ash returned with Anessa and the faerie. Ash ran back down from where they were and returned with a mini “dragon” on her shoulder.
The faerie flew over and sat on the back of the mini “dragon” and asked us to bow. No one did as he asked. (faeries)
Through some discussion the faerie said he could put Anessa to sleep forever. He wanted 6 plantinum, we agreed to 10 gp and a cart of food.
The faerie took Andur and Anessa down stairs, and Ash followed.
They returned after some time. The faerie openned up the brambles so we could leave, taking John with us of course. We headed back to town and on the way we ran into the gaurds. We told them everything was OK now. When we got back to town Kalabaz got a cart of food and took it to the faerie.
I took some time to go speak with Yakav to see if he knew anything about the Moon Clan. He spoke of the Sinder lands and that our known enimies are orcs, chilaxians, and giants. He also mentioned we were known for our use with the bow (obviously not me).
We ate and stayed at the inn again.
When Kalabaz went to his room he found a wanted poster of Lem with a knife in it tacked to the wall. It stated, the halfling for the half-elf.
Kalabaz brought this information to us and we went to speak with Lem. Lem told us why he’s wanted. He fell in love and went AWOL from his gang and now they want him.
The others wanted to give them Lem for Dock and hopefully save Lem afterwards….

The Witch
6-13 Pharast, 4711 AR

…The ogre closed in on Kalabaz, took a tree from the ground and swung it at him. He missed and hit a tree. I run up behind the ogre to aid in the fight. (An ogre is still too much for one to take on). I wasn’t able to successfully hit him. (I think I kept miss judging as he kept stepping forward). The ogre stepped once more and tripped and snapped a rope that had been tied across at the top of the stairs. He tumbled all the way down. Kalabaz ran down after it.
I went and engaged the goblins in the courtyard. I killed one and engaged another before a voice yelled out “The witch wants to talk to you. Lay down your weapons. No harm will come to you as long as no hostile action is taken.” I was focused on the goblin to make sure he wasn’t gonna attack with my gaurd down.
Andur called out. “Sheath your weapons and send the boatman on his way.”
The goblin and I stood down. I went over to where I can see John and yelled down to him that he may go and then went over to Andur near the wagon. I am now able to see who the voice was, it was Dukoshk accompanied by another orgre (perhaps the others mate) and a party of goblins (about 20).
Kalabaz has seemed to have got himself riled up over an orc holding Andur’s warhammer. Andur converses with Dukoshk.
There was talk about the villagers and how they broke the law by leaving their town. So that was why they were “arrested”. They will be fined and sent back to their town in three days.
Dukoshk said Hegrif is locked in a cage in the manor and that they can’t get it open and claims he has lost his sanity. He said there are markings around the cage and that he doesn’t know what they mean. Dukoshk also claimed to not know about the undead. The fact that he worships the god of iron was also mention.
Ash ended up giving Dukoshk 5gp to cover the fines of the villagers.
Andur asked to see the law. Dukoshk barked and it was brought out. Andur handed it to Ash to read to see if there is a loop hole in their law.
We were told that we have to wait till dusk to go see the witch. As we waited I asked for a jug and went and filled it with water to give to the villagers. We ended up waiting the three days of the villagers sentence before going to see the witch to ensure no further harm came to them. I tried to calm Kalabaz as he remained aggitated the whole time.
After the three days the villagers were allowed to leave back to their village. We hooked up the wagon to a horse and off they went.
Dukoshk suggested we bring an offering to the witch, a sacrafice of some kind. We set out and Kalabaz and Lem found a small boar for the sacrafice along the way. Andur informed us that witchs can curse us and have magical powers, and also have a familiar.
Dukoshk took us to a point where he wouldn’t go any further. He told us to take the sacrafice to the altar. The altar was described as a flat stone with glifths and markings and it’s by a bog/swamp with a significant tree(fir) that stands out in the swamp.
We found our way there and Andur put the sacrafice on the altar.
A voice said to go into the water and come to the tree.
Ash went into the water and started to get too deep and have troubles. I went in and steadied her.
A voice said to return to the altar and drink from the bowl.
The boar had vanished and there was a bowl in it’s stead.
A voice said if we drank it we wouldn’t have a problem swimming.
I swam out to the tree and noticed a cave below the water. I told the others. I dove under but didn’t grab enough air so a had to surface. I took another breath and dove down into the cave and surfaced into a cavern. The cavern was lined with skulls in little niches in the walls and I could see the form of a hunched woman with green skin at the back of the cavern. Ask, Andur and Dock joined me.
She told us to sit.
She started speaking of the evil about and asked about Lem, implying he was a child. She said her name is O’mahgragh and that she looks after the children, gesturing to the skulls. She claimed that the evil started with Anessa’s birth and that she’s been keeping evil at bay until she was born. She said she is a minifestation of nature and the land. She told us the evil requires the child to manifest and that it’s from long ago and was locked away in a power source. Hegrif tried to tap into it and ended up releasing it. She doesn’t know about the magic around Hegrif’s cell suposedly. Evil follows the child and cities could be at risk.
Ash left to go commune with her god.
We conversed for a little longer and then returned to the surface. (I didn’t get a good breath that time, almost didn’t make it)
When we got back to land Ash said she had some important information to tell us, but not here.
We went back to meet up with Dukoshk and he guided us to the road. He pointed us in the direction of barony west and we parted ways.
We ended up going to the eastern village instead. We went to an old temple when we got there so Ash could tell up her important information. Ash told us that the witch is a green hag (pure evil) and that she (O’mahgragh) was Anessa’s mother.
We agreed to go to Elwit to retieve Anessa and speak with someone Andur knows for possible more information. We decided to spend the night and head out in the morning.
Morning came, it was cold, damp and extremely foggy. We went and checked the boats and found one that would work for us. We set out down the river and stopped for the each night. It took us four and a half days to reach Elwit.
A gaurd greets us at the dock. We paid him one copper to moor the boat. He doesn’t know of our companions, but mentiong maybe at the inn.
We went to the inn, it was called The Pig and the Goblin and a man by the name of Yakav runs it.
Busen came over to us. He told us that they capsized and there was no sign of John or Anessa. He said he sent out the gaurds, but still no sign. They did however find the barge.
We ate at the inn and rented rooms for the night. Ash went off to visit her shrine and came back. I meditated for the night on the floor of Andur’s room.
In the morning Andur went and aquired some rings and gave one to Ash and one to Dock. I picked up some rations as I used up most of them this last week.

Kalabaz’s Journal. page 5
Gods and Monsters, 6-13 Pharast, 4711 AR

The fight in the manor courtyard began gloriously. I was able to taunt the ogre into my trip rope and it crashed down the hillside to the pier, I certified its death with my axe. After that however, things did not go as I would have liked. Andur and some of the others had moved ahead while I was preoccupied and were now in some kind of parlay with Dukoshk. He seemed to be demanding our surrender. Certain that there was going to be none of that, even if he did have another ogre, I began freeing the villagers from the cage. To my surprise Andur Drumundgun and Ash seem to be taking him seriously and tell me to stand down. I have seen charm spells before, its the only explanation, espesially since the orc second seems to be carrying Andur’s hammer.
With the rest of the party against me the only way too keep the fools alive was to go along with them. Dukoshk says the villagers are serving a 3 day prison sentence and will be returned to one of the local villages. I have no reason to believe this but the others seem to. He also wants to take us to meet the witch. After 3 tense days waiting out the villagers prison sentence surrounded by filthy grobi and orcs we head out to see this witch with Dukoshk leading the way (with the ogre and other orcs, he is not a fool).
Upon reaching the sacrifice stone beside a pool of swampy water with a tree growing in the centre, Andur sacrifices a boar we had caught along the way. A bowl of liquid appears on the stone and we are told to drink and swim to the tree to see her. Not a chance, and Lem agrees, we will stay to watch the orcs and guard our back. I want no dealings with any witch. Ander, Dock, and Ash swim out to the tree and are gone for a while before Ash returns alone. She asks not to be disturbed and seems to be praying, that is what priests do I suppose. The other two return shortly and Ash says she must talk to us where we can be alone. We make for the now abandoned East Barony village where we had first encountered the undead. Ash reveals that her god has given her a revelation, the witch is not a nature elemental as she had told the others but really a green hag. On top of this she is also Anessa’s mother, having seduced and married the baron (apparently her kind are known for this).
Deciding to head for Elwet to meet up with Bunsen the Magnificient, John, and Anessa we take a boat from the village and make our way there. Disturbingly no one in Elwet has seen them, we check The Pig and Goblin and talk to my old friend Yakiv the bartender. Bunsen arrives as we are eating and tells us that the barge sank and he has lost John and Anessa. This is grave news, we must begin searching for them right away.

Ysirnith, Book of Dreams 5
9 Pharast, 4711 AR

9 Pharast, 4711 AR

I find myself floating down a mighty river on a body of a dead ogre who looked like he had a bad fall. On the sides of the shore are tall trees with no leaves. All the branches of all the trees point against the current. The sun above me is setting right behind.

I can see fish jumping out of the clear water. They whisper something I can’t hear.

In the horizon I can see a flock of ducks flying towards me and I get the sense that something is wrong. I can see my traveling companions on the road walking the opposite direction of me. The ducks have now flown towards the setting sun as everything goes dark.

I went the wrong way.

You tell me your name, orcmaster, and I shall tell you mine.
10 Pharast, 4711 AR

Greetings most worthy ancestors, I address you now to placate your ire over my disturbing actions. The day began oddly, much of what happened is strangely vague, as if I wasn’t actually present. Perhaps this is tied to the memory loss we experienced when we first awoke in the East village. Perhaps a part of my consciousness was ruminating on the sorrows of the day before or had traveled to the spirit plane. Maybe the fate of my war hammer, a gift from Uncle Barag when I set out for my gladdringer, lay heavy upon me. Regardless of the cause I will recount what I can.
The hell knights departed back towards Korvosa and the party decided to look for the baron’s wayward child, despite my desire to return to the keep to recover my war hammer and exact some retribution on the savages. After some run in’s with more of the soulless, which I was able to sense from a distance, we found ourselves at the back entrance of an old church. The church, which was sacred to some lost human goddess I believe, was attached to a cemetery swarming with the restless dead. These slurry though were different somehow, they seemed intent on something. I believe they were there for the child, whom we did find inside. Ash and Bunsen dealt with the hungry masses and we decided to get the girl to safety. She seemed very concerned about recovering her doll. I have a feeling it may be more then a mere child’s toy, perhaps some sort of totem or effigy. We made our way to the river and were shortly met by Mad John piloting his barge. After some discussion we head off down river for Elwit. As we floated past the baron’s keep someone noticed that the locals from the East village were imprisoned in the courtyard. Arrows began to rain down on us so we decided to put ashore. Dock, Lem, and Enko snuck up the hillside with the intent to deal with the archers. Kalabaz prepared a trip wire at the top of the hill to use against the inevitable appearance of the ogre and the rest of us stayed on the barge where I protected them from the flying arrows. It was around this time I snapped out of my reverie. Once the immediate threat to the barge passengers had passed I set out to vent my wrath and recover my war hammer. As I neared the top of the rise Kalabaz successfully sprung his trap, if you’d call it that. A dwarf really should fashion something more impressive, he has lived amongst the humans far too long. However, crude or not the trip wire did partially work and the ogre tumbled down to the waterfront and landed in a broken heap. Kalabaz was hot on it’s heels and finished off the rancid piece of shale. I proceeded on up and was headed for the manor house by way of some stove-in grobi heads but was surprised to find that green skin reinforcements had arrived. The illusive Dukoshk stood just inside the main gates. He had a well armed mob of grobi all around him and another ogre acting as bodyguard. He had the stones to demand we immediately lay down our weapons and surrender. I had no intention of doing any such thing but Dukoshk is deeply buried in this mystery we are faced with and we needed his information. He also claimed that the witch had ordered him to bring us before her. Furthermore, he still held the townspeople captive and threatened them harm if we persisted in our attack. I agreed to end our hostilities, for now, but refused to disarm or surrender. Nor would we abandon the townsfolk to the green skins “mercy”. Kalabaz was difficult to persuade to my wisdom but the rest of my crew accepted my orders. I saw to it that Bunsen and the fisherman took the girl to safety in Elwit. We kept guard over the captives for the next three days, the orcs and goblins were a constant threat and the temptation to slaughter them was almost too much to resist. The orc warrior that I’d fought with the day before has my hammer. For now. I’ve made it clear to him that I will recover it in time. Finally, we saw the townsfolk led to safety and set off to meet with this “witch”. Dukoshk refused to approach too close to the witch’s swampy lair as did his companion. It’s not really surprising they are cowards. We were suspicious of the witch’s magic but eventually entered her cave under the water, it’s possible she is a prisoner there. She claimed that she is a nature spirit and that the human child is actually the spawn of a devil who’s evil only she can stop. Ash’s god however has reavealed a somewhat different story. It seems the witch is truly the child’s mother and is herself some sort of demon. I am still not sure what to make of this information but a pattern is beginning to form. After leaving the witch we swung back through the East village and continued on for Elwit. Unfortunatly, the fisherman’s raft did not make it safely to town and the girl is once again missing.


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